we need a break. a school break.


yesterday.. i haven't yet decided what is more honest to do if i forgot to make a proper picture during the day - at least just to do something or admit that i haven't made it. but 73! days in a row, kind of don't want to ruin this.



now i'm waiting for one thing- for bike season to begin.



quite curious about tomorrow- what it would be like - a day without trams, buses.. in my imagination i see the flows of people streaming like spring salmon to lay their eggs. interesting



prose of life.. actually i am quite sick, sneezing and blowing my nose all the time, and the winter never ends in this country - it's going to be -7-9C if I am not mistaken. so I'll just get better by the international women day when schools and public transportation doesn't work and teachers can go to the movies for free so as not to get too bored when on strike.


for my dad.



Sincerely tortured by the necessity to read Poe - I have been trying to avoid upsetting moments for so long. not a glimpse of hope. just total fall.


63 - rise and shine!

To be honest I suddenly got inspired by this post - to briefly summarize - or at least it's my intepretation - everything we do, is a part of a heritage and it's nice to share.And also as the aim of the project was to discipline myself, but now already for several days in a row I just take blind phone pictures lat at night, it's somehow not exactly the thing  I meant it to be.

So, today we went to see the really beautiful movie with Bianca. You might like it if you are into Paris, not that much into present and can relate to children.
I was  really touched when Bianca started really crying.. ok, I was both touched and scared.
So it's beautiful and it makes you want to go to Paris.


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